How Do You Relax?

I admit it - I'm 59 and love colouring. There, it's out in the open! The image above is one I worked on yesterday. Enough small places there to keep me colouring for hours. … [Read more...]

I’m a Good Coach

...But I'm not good at graphics. This is my first attempt at an infographic. If my mum was alive, she'd put it on her fridge! … [Read more...]

Trust Yourself

Some people are naturally confident but even they feel useless and inadequate sometimes. Some feel like that most of the time. … [Read more...]

Free Taster Sessions

What are "free taster sessions?" you may be thinking. A free taster session is a short coaching session for people who want to try out coaching to see if it suits them. It gives coach and client the chance to see if they can work together and for the client to ask questions. … [Read more...]

Weight Loss After Menopause

Weight loss after menopause is challenging but it can be done. I should know - I'm doing it. … [Read more...]

Cuddly Toys and Coaching

My old accountant told me that he viewed his clients as stock. When he sold his accountancy practice, his clients were classed as his closing stock. I thought that was a cold way to view clients. … [Read more...]

Let Failure Kick Your Butt

Failure. What do you think of when you hear this word? Not being good enough? Not trying hard enough? Maybe that it shouldn't have been attempted at all. … [Read more...]

Let Go of the Past

Do you ever wake in the middle of the night and fret over mistakes you made in the past? Whether it was yesterday or 60 years ago, it still troubles you. You know what I mean. Things you wish you had or hadn't said. People you wish you'd cared more about when you had the chance. Jobs you could've … [Read more...]

Get Out of Your Rut 3

Rob came back a few months later. He'd taken plenty of time with Challenge 2 and, as he put it, "Explored what "explore" could mean." He said he'd never done "navel gazing" so bought and read some personal development books. … [Read more...]

Get Out of Your Rut 2

When I set a challenge for a client I always hope it's been completed but I'm open to it not being. This comes in the "Don't prejudge your clients" part of coach training. … [Read more...]